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Card Reader
Replacement Custom Sentricard (lost of stolen)
Shackle Extender
Retractable Clip-on Reel for Sentricard
Power Paddle Deposit

*Initial activation will include a card, a card reader and access to the Sentrismart app
** Billing is done by Sentrilock for service and is prorated on a quarterly basis

$180.00 per year (March to March)**
$25.00 + tax
$99.00 + tax
$50.00 + tax
$15.00 + tax
$5.00 + tax
$150.00 (refunded upon return)




SentriLock Electronic Lockbox System-The Right Choice

A real estate professional understands that a home is a valuable asset. Participating with an organized Multiple Listing Service provides the most opportunities for the right buyer to quickly find a home. Both real estate agents and MLS recommend using an electronic lockbox system by SentriLock. Fact is 300,000 Agents from over 290 different Boards, REALTOR® Associations and Multiple Listing Services throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean use SentriLock as their electronic lockbox system of choice.

Marketing for Quicker Sale

The electronic lockbox tracks each agent that shows a home by name, company, date and time.The listing agent can retrieve buyer response trends to better position the home, resulting in quicker, more profitable sales opportunities.

Keeping a Home Safe and Secure

  • Every SentriCard® is PIN protected.
  • Every 7 days all SentriCard® holders are re-authorized to use the system. Only current agents can access a home.
  • The SentriLock lockbox can be programmed to only open during certain hours.
  • SentriLock’s electronic is the finest lockbox system available.

Available from 7am – 11pm (CST); 7 Days a week
Toll Free: 1-877-736-8745